Stamperia Bertozzi Napkins – Italian Hand Printed Linens

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100% Italian linen napkins block printed by hand.



Stamperia Bertozzi

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Italian Hand Printed Linens

100% Italian linen napkins block printed by hand.


Care instructions:

Launder in washing machine on cold or warm setting. Machine dry on delicate setting, if you wish. Napkins may be ironed or not according to your preference.

Italian Hand Printed Linens
About the company:

Stamperia Bertozzi specializes in hand-printing home linens. Since 1920, this family-owned and operated business characteristically uses a unique hand-printing procedure that follows Renaissance tradition.


Available in various colors that are complementary to both traditional and modern style interiors.


Variations in finish or appearance are not to be considered imperfections, but rather the mark of a unique, handmade item. In this way, each product and pattern tells a story.


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Mustard, Orange, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Sage Green, Gray, Mocha Brown