Bora Bora Pitcher

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The Bora Bora Pitcher is a stunning example of Italian craftsmanship, meticulously hand-blown by skilled artisans. Its exquisite design captures the essence of elegance and sophistication, reminiscent of the serene waters and vibrant hues of the Bora Bora island. Crafted with the finest quality glass, each pitcher is unique, showcasing swirls of mesmerizing colors and delicate patterns that dance in the light. Its graceful silhouette and ergonomic handle make it both a functional and artistic addition to any table setting or decor. Elevate your dining experience with this luxurious piece, bringing a touch of Italian charm and beauty to every pour.

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Bora Bora Pitcher

$320.00 (excl. sales tax)

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Crafted by a masterful and creative glass artist, this unique piece transcends mere functionality to become an eye-catching piece for our table setting. Not content to simply blow the glass into the shape of a jug, the artisan glassware artist imbued it with whimsy, calling it the “Bora Bora Carafe” and incorporating a charming fish motif. The effect is enchanting, as the fish seems ready to frolic in the water we pour into it, ready to grace our elegant and lively tables for our guests.
This pitcher not only serves as a vessel for water, but also adds a touch of art and storytelling to any dining experience, elevating the ordinary act of serving drinks into a moment of joy and wonder. Whether used for everyday meals or special occasions, “Bora Bora” is sure to spark conversation and admiration, reflecting the skill and imagination of its creator and the art of glassmaking Italian school of Venice and Murano.
Handcrafted by one of the most talented and imaginative glass artists, “Bora Bora” transcends function to become a focal point for our table.

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Dimensions 4.3 × 4.3 × 9.6 in


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The story of Massimo Lunardon, the renowned artisan behind the exquisite Venetian glass creations, is a tale of artistic passion and dedication. In 1988, after years of immersive apprenticeship in the hallowed halls of glass furnaces, Massimo embarked on his own artistic journey by opening his very own workshop close to the city of Vicenza.

Driven by an unyielding desire to push the boundaries of glass craftsmanship, Massimo forged fruitful collaborations with established artists and designers. These partnerships not only enriched his technical prowess but also served as a wellspring of inspiration. The fruits of his labor began to take shape in the form of solo and group exhibitions, where he proudly showcased the results of his relentless research and innovation in glass blowing.

In recent years, Massimo Lunardon has extended his creative reach by imparting his wealth of knowledge and expertise. He passionately shares his craft through workshops, nurturing the next generation of glass artisans. Additionally, his dedication to the art of glass has led him to the hallowed halls of art schools, where he imparts his wisdom to eager students, leaving an indelible mark on the world of Venetian glass craftsmanship. Massimo Lunardon's journey is a testament to the enduring allure of artistic pursuit and the timeless beauty of handcrafted Venetian glass.

All Massimo Lunardon glassware is hand-blown using borosilicate glass and lamp-worked. This type of glass is known for its superior durability and resistance to thermal stress.
NOTE: Handle with care as all glass is breakable. DO NOT heat on the stovetop or in the oven.
Washable in the dishwasher and usable in the microwave.
All Massimo Lunardon glassware is lead-free and food-safe.

Stain removal for Massimo Lunardon glassware:

  • Submerge the item in water and use denture tablets for gentle stain removal (according to instructions provided by the manufacturer).
  • Swirl a length of stainless steel ball chain in a combination of water and white vinegar to remove interior stains from glassware.

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