Flute Rossini (set of 6)

$870.00 (excl. sales tax)

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Massimo Lunardon Flute Rossini (set of 6).

Flute Rossini (set of 6)

$870.00 (excl. sales tax)

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Massimo Lunardon Flute Rossini (set of 6)

The only thing more fabulous than sipping champagne is sipping it out of handcrafted glass stemware. This set of 6 flutes from Italy are hand-blown by Massimo Lunardon in his Laboratorio. They are unique and each with different design. Perfect for special occasions and to enjoy your favorite champagne.

Each set consists of:

#1           Colorful abstract strokes of green, yellow and red flute on a flat blue ball stem;

#2           Green and blue vortex design flute on a twisted stem;

#3           Abstract blue, red and yellow design flute on a linear colorful stem;

#4           Blue dotted flute on a red ball stem;

#5           Multicolor confetti flute on a linear colorful vortex stem;

#6           Swirls of light red flute on a yellow edged ring stem.

Shipping Included!!

Dimensions: 12” h x 3’ diam.


All Massimo Lunardon glassware is hand-blown using borosilicated glass and lamp-worked. This type of glass is known for its superior durability and resistance to thermal stress.

NOTE: Handle with care as all glass is breakable. DO NOT heat on the stovetop or in the oven.


General care instructions for Massimo Lunardon Flute Rossini

Massimo Lunardon Amarone Wine Glass

Washable in the dishwasher and usable in the microwave.


About the company:

In 1996, the Italian glass artist, Massimo Lunardon, formed his company in San Giorgio di Perla outside Vicenza, Italy. Housed on the grounds of a former dairy, Lunardon’s  workshop reflects respect for the site’s architectural history and natural surroundings. As a master skilled in the art of glass blowing, Massimo Lunardon designs both functional and decorative glass objects. His works evokes humor, fantasy and refinement. Lunardon continues to expand the boundaries of glass-blowing both individually and collaboratively with other artists.

All Massimo Lunardon glasses are mindfully produced using raw materials of quality with nominal waste and minimal impact on the environment.

Malbi Décor is pleased to offer you an array of Massimo Lunardon glass products including a martini glass, made specifically for our shop and unavailable elsewhere.

If you would like to learn more about the Italian glass artist Massimo Lunardon and his unique way of hand-blowing glass click here, or check out the video below:



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