Squid Wine Decanter

$440.00 (excl. sales tax)

Have you ever thought a squid can contain wine instead of ink? With Massimo Lunardon Wine Decanter – Squid it is possible! What an entertaining art work!  When not decanting wine, use it as a fun centerpiece or vase for flowers.

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Massimo Lunardon Wine Decanter - Squid

Squid Wine Decanter

$440.00 (excl. sales tax)

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Italian Hand-Blown Glasses

Massimo Lunardon Wine Decanter – Squid

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Have you ever thought a squid can contain wine instead of ink? With Massimo Lunardon Wine Decanter – Squid it is possible! What an entertaining art work!

The squid consists of a transparent/clear body, light blue tentacles, black eyes and blue rings along the body.

Made of lead-free tempered glass and permanently fused colored that is durable. Washable in dishwasher.

Dimension : 7″ l x 12″ h

All Massimo Lunardon glassware is hand-blown using borosilicated glass and lamp-worked. This type of glass is known for its superior durability and resistance to thermal stress.

NOTE: Handle with care as all glass is breakable. DO NOT heat on the stovetop or in the oven.


Cleaning instructions for Massimo Lunardon Wine Decanter – Squid:

Use denture tablets (according to instructions provided by manufacturer) or swirl a length of stainless steel ball chain in a combination of water and white vinegar to remove stains inside the decanter.

Other uses for your wine decanter: display as a centerpiece or a vessel for flowers.

General care instructions for Massimo Lunardon glassware:

Washable in the dishwasher and usable in the microwave.


About the company:

Since forming his company in 1996, the Italian glass artist, Massimo Lunardon, has created a myriad of functional and decorative glass objects. The artist’s sense of humor, limitless imagination and technical prowess are evident in his work. Established on the site of a former dairy in San Giorgio di Perla outside Vicenza, Italy, Lunardon’s workshop is a space respectful of its architectural history and local natural surroundings. A master glass-blower, Lunardon, continually looks to push the boundaries of glass-blowing as a solo artist and collaboratively with other artists, designers and poets.

All Massimo Lunardon glasses are mindfully produced using raw materials of quality with nominal waste and minimal impact on the environment.

Malbi Décor is pleased to offer you an array of Massimo Lunardon glass products including a martini glass, made specifically for our shop and unavailable elsewhere.


If you want to see more about the Italian Glass Artist Massimo Lunardon click Here or check out the video below:

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 12 × 20 in


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Artist/designer, Massimo Lunardon, a former apprentice of Murano, Italy, and teacher of glass-lamp work, opened his own workshop in 1988 and the Lunardon company was established in 1996. The studio, located near Vicenza, utilizes methods that minimally impact the environment and produces lead-free, tempered hand-blown glass products. All Lunardon glassware is handmade in Italy and each piece is unique. The extensive collection of functional art objects includes wine decanters (each numbered with the artist’s signature), wine glasses, water pitchers and more. Believe it or not, these functional objects of art are washable in the dishwasher and usable in the microwave.

As an official dealer of Massimo Lunardon in the U.S.A., Malbi Décor proudly presents an array of Lunardon products imported directly from Italy.

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