Nason Moretti – Burlesque Wine Glasses

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NasonMoretti Burlesque Wine Glasses (Sold Singularly)

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Malbi Decor – 100% Italian Hand Blown Glasses

The unique set of NasonMoretti Burlesque Wine Glasses is a shapely vessel that combines bright colors, both transparent and opaque. The wide mouth and large bowl make it an ideal glass for experiencing the bouquet of red wine. Available in a variety of color combinations.

Dimensions for NasonMoretti Burlesque Wine Glasses: Height 8 1/4″

NasonMoretti was founded in 1925 and is now one of the leading glassworks on the Venetian island of Murano. The firm specializes in the production of drinking glasses, chalices and decorative table and design objects. All NasonMoretti collections feature ad-hoc product research, developed through an original use of color and chromatic combinations.


Beauty, Every day. It’s our Story. NasonMoretti Burlesque Wine Glasses

NasonMoretti was born in 1925, in a period of great success for Italian visual arts. NasonMoretti was groundbreaking compared with the emerging artistic trends, with the creation of chalices and glasses, that become the undisputed benchmark for the Venetian “art of the table”: it has lain the tables of the most prestigious lineages but also those of the everyday life with a taste for refinement.

NasonMoretti’s peculiarity is its ability to represent a cultural avantgarde, able to pick up influences and contaminations typical of the world of art and design. This characteristic has promoted numerous collaborations with famous Italian and foreign fashion brands such as Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Bottega Veneta and Hermes, but also exclusive clubs in London, royalties and the Quirinale, proclaiming NasonMoretti’s fame by virtue of simplicity, which has marked this family brand for 100 years.

“During these first 100 years, our blows and breaths have been numerous, but they have encouraged only one passion: since forever our passion, together with that of our fathers, was warmed up by the fire of the crucibles and has expressed itself in the elegance and fragility of Venetian glass, by virtue of a calling to research and formal experimentation that moves with the times.” Cit. Umberto Nason.

If you would like to learn more about the Italian Company NasonMoretti and the unique way of hand blowing glass, click HERE or watch the video below:

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Coral/Grey, Acid Green/Blue, Blue/Peach