Custom Design Ceramics from Italy

Unique and custom-made
at Malbi Decor Store, Sarasota, Florida

Italian hand-crafted Ceramics

Beautifully handcrafted Italian ceramics with individual designs.

Malbi Decor carries a number of handcrafted ceramic items produced in Italy by renowned ceramic artisans, including Paravicini, Ceramica Este, and Ceramica Del Ferlaro. The beautiful ceramic pieces created by these craftsmen focus on classic styles using natural colors with an attention to detailed artistry.

The team of artisans at Paravicini, Ceramica Este and Ceramica Del Ferlaro specialize in exclusively creating dishware and decorative objects in limited quantity, an alternative to mass produced items commonly sold elsewhere.

This personalized service offered by Malbi Décor allows our clientele to have input in the creation of one-of-a-kind housewares that reflect their personal style.

Handcrafted Ceramics from Italy available in Sarasota, Florida!

Experience customizable handmade and hand painted Italian ceramics by special order at Malbi Décor.

Laboratorio Paravicini has, for more than 20 years, produced dishware using hand-painted and hand-applied designs. They are skilled at creating special, limited edition collections, such as the Circus Plates. Each piece is numbered and aims to please an audience looking for collector’s items or objects to decorate their homes. This small workshop can satisfy the most diverse requests. Their ceramic plates are dishwasher safe and suitable for everyday use.

Este Ceramiche Porcellane, established in the 18th century in its present location, is one of the oldest ceramic studios in Europe. They use ancient techniques with the added assistance of modern technology in order to elevate the quality of their ceramics. From custom dinnerware, to monogrammed gift items and custom decorations. At Malbi Décor, you are able to order these special items to satisfy your personal desires.

Ceramica del Ferlaro produces artisanal objects in an Old World-style workshop that are both decorative and functional. These handmade and hand-painted ceramic lamps, flowerpots and other accessories are known for their brightness of color and warmth of feeling. The imaginative artisans who craft these objects from memory, add unique touches to every piece.

Each object is available in a variety of colors and some in different sizes. Custom colors are also available by special order to suit your taste and lifestyle.