Angela Caputi

Angela Caputi at Malbi Decor

Angela Caputi Giuggiù’s workshop is nestled in the heart of Florence’s historic district, just a stone’s throw from the iconic Ponte Vecchio. Housed within the esteemed “Palazzetto Mediceo,” this atelier serves as the creative haven for the Florentine artist. Here, her design inspiration flows from the captivating world of 1940s American cinema and her enduring passion for fashion.

The global acclaim that Angela Caputi enjoys today can be attributed to her unparalleled and irreplicable bijoux creations. Her jewelry has captured the admiration of luminaries in the world of haute couture and found its place in renowned museums. Angela’s exquisite creations have graced the hallowed halls of institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, as well as the Museo degli Argenti and Galleria del Costume in her hometown of Florence.

Blurring the lines between fashion and art, Angela Caputi’s bijoux are celebrated for their ceaseless innovation and creativity. Each piece is meticulously crafted, with careful attention paid to every detail, be it the graceful contours or the mesmerizing spectrum of colors achieved using humble synthetic resins. In her bijoux, Angela artfully expresses the eternal essence of femininity, juxtaposing modernity with traditional craftsmanship.

From the outset, Angela Caputi Giuggiù forged a special connection with the realms of show business and haute couture. Her creations have graced the attire and costumes of numerous films, earning her collaborations with some of the industry’s most illustrious costume designers.

These precious works of art swiftly conquered the global market, and the brand’s presence at the world’s most prominent fashion shows solidified the universal appeal of Angela Caputi Giuggiù’s creations.

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