Malbi Decor Store in Sarasota

Malbi Decor
Italian Artisan Decor in Sarasota, Florida

Store Impressions

Our Location

Contact Information

Address: 1931 S. Osprey Avenue Sarasota FL 34239

Phone: (941) 953-3113


Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 10am to 6pm

Saturday: 10am to 5pm

Sunday: Closed

Our Product Selection

Our store features the following products: Glassware, ceramics, flatware, linens, home decor, furniture and more. Come and visit us! We continuously update our product range.

Unique Designs

We offer USA-exclusive products that you will not get anywhere else; handmade one-offs by renowned Italian designers.

Personal Service

Malbi Decor Service – As individual as your taste! Each style is unique and deserves special attention.

Art Exhibitions

We feel the need to show the talent of our artists. Come and visit exclusive art exhibitions with pieces by famous artists.

Exclusive Events

We regularly host exclusive and inspiring events, presenting our finest designs and newest products.

Your personal Italian Interior Designer

Located on Pineapple Avenue, between Ringling Blvd. and Main St., Malbi Decor offers a variety of imported products from one-of-a-kind, handmade glassware to table linens and flatware. The boutique functions as an art gallery and event space, with artist showings and interior decorating demonstrations.

MALBI DECOR’s competitive edge derives mostly from the uniqueness and quality of its product. These products are simply not items that can be purchased just anywhere in the United States, which will make MALBI DECOR a desirable destination for our target customer. We will organize some special events during the seasonal months, such as exhibitions of paintings by modern Italian artists, cooking classes on how to use special cookware Italian but only theoretically, etc…we would like to symbolize a distinctive element of the Italian production in home décor and we chose Sarasota for the peculiarity of the resident and touristic population.

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