All Italian Handmade Table Setting

All Italian handmade dining setting

All Italian Handmade Table Setting

Explore the new “All Italian handmade table setting” in downtown Sarasota. This handmade selection features glasses, a water pitcher and candelabra by Massimo Lunardon, famous for his hand-blown Italian glassware and intricate glass designs, hand-painted serving plates by Ceramiche D’Este, as well as sophisticated ceramics by Paravicini.

Ceramiche D’Este: One of the oldest manufacturers of ceramics in Europe brought to Sarasota.

Handmade and hand painted decoration by Ceramiche D’Este.

Ceramiche D’Este is at the heart of Italian ceramics production, with its unique location and background of the factory. The ceramics manufacturer first opened their doors in the 18th century inside the city walls of Este in 1953. Today, Ceramiche D’Este combines impeccable craftsmanship with modern technology to create their extraordinary approach to creating ceramics art, turning raw clay into beautiful compositions with purpose. Este Ceramiche Porcellane is proud of their longstanding traditions and exceptional craftsmanship when it comes to transforming ceramics into artwork: “Our highly skilled technique is without a doubt the most prized, original method of decoration. Thanks to the color tone of our glazes, and the unlimited creativity of our craftsmen, the results are highly evocative.”

You can find more products from Ceramiche D’Este in our Online Shop, or visit our Sarasota store to discover even more products and artists.

Close look at the unique details of the Table Setting.

Massimo Lunardon: Exceptionally intricate and functional artwork made with glass.

Massimo Lunardon working on a unique piece in his laboratory.

Since forming his company in 1996, the Italian glass artist, Massimo Lunardon, has created a myriad of functional and decorative glass objects. The artist’s sense of humor, limitless imagination and technical prowess are evident in his work. Established on the site of a former dairy in San Giorgio di Perla outside Vicenza, Italy, Lunardon’s workshop is a space respectful of its architectural history and local natural surroundings. A master glass-blower, Lunardon, continually looks to push the boundaries of glass-blowing as a solo artist and collaboratively with other artists, designers and poets.

All Massimo Lunardon glasses are mindfully produced using raw materials of quality with nominal waste and minimal impact on the environment. Malbi Décor is pleased to offer you an array of Massimo Lunardon glass products including a martini glass, made specifically for our shop and unavailable elsewhere.

Paravicini: Hand-painted dinnerware for every request.

The main subjects of the Paravicini dining sets, tea and coffee sets, vases and chandeliers are dreamlike and exotic worlds that are populated by snakes, jugglers, hot air-balloons, scripts and monograms. Contemporary drawings coexist with classical inspirations in a game of references and quotes that brings poetic suggestions to life. Every customer’s request conducts the hand-painted production, exclusive and on commission: a customized production that fulfils wishes, tastes and needs.

The Collections consist in sets of plates made for someone that is looking for something new and unique. Their use lets your imagination run free: they can decorate walls as well as tables or they can be a special gift.

Malbi Decor is proud to share the products from Ceramiche D’Este, Massimo Lunardon and Paravicini with her lucky clients, who can decorate their dining tables and surprise their guests with the unique Italian touch.